Group Class with 

Jesse Westover 

Short sequences to master important skills & proofing of contacts & weaves. 
Will be tailored to the skill level of each individual team. 
Contact Jesse: or 


Pre-Agility Puppy Foundation
Training Class
with Karen Schelling

Hide And Seek

Rat Games

Come see if your dog has the instinct to hunt and find various scents!.  Combined with agility, fun games to play with your dog!  From the very beginners to season experts!  Be the first to experience the Brand New Dog Venue being created, right here in Latrobe!

​Tentative Dates:


​September 17th

October 21st

Additional puppy class will be offered from 6:30 to 7:30 pm on Tuesday evenings starting September 26th.  

Email at if interested.

Tracy Hirsch is coming back!

October 20 & 21

All American Agility

Owner Dave Almasy

Class schedule & registration are found in the following links;

L and L Dog Training

Owner Linda Bowman

Darlene's Classes

Darlene a successful Teacup Agility Competitor and Judge, is holding teacup agility classes on Tuesday evenings.  Darlene also has a teacup class on Friday mornings twice a month. Darlene is accepting new students! Class is from 6-7 pm. The cost is $15 per hour.

Darlene is accepting new students! Darlene will be offering agility classes on Wednesdays agility from 6- 8 pm and beginner agility from 8-9 pm.

The cost is $15 per class.

Thursdays the first, third and fourth weeks will be advanced handlingagility from 7-8 and beginner agility from 8-9. The cost is $15 per class. Drop ins welcome from 7-8.

The second Thursday of the month is agility run throughs.

Agility Run Thrus

Agility Run-Thrus SECOND Thursday* each month from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Come practice in a climate controlled, FULL SIZE agility ring on Sports Turf!  There will be 2 nested Competition level Standard courses for you and your dog to enjoy and gain valuable experience in a full size trial setting!  $5 a run or 4 runs for $15! 

Upcoming Events

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​Lure Coursing Runs from 4-8 pm

Tunnelers Fun Runs from 6-9 pm

Cost is $5 per run

Tentative Dates:  ​​

Friday, September  22

Friday, November 3

​Saturday, December 23