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Shetland Sheepdog- Dougie

Belmark Just Do It CGC ThD RN 

Shetland Sheepdogs - Hart, Penny, and Krystal

Merlyn Straight to the Hart BN RE CDX NA NAJ NP OJP CGC TDI ‘Hart’, CH Buchan’s Worth the Trouble CGC TDI ‘Penny’, Hullston’s Jeweled Night Sky RN BN NA NAJ TBAD TBG-1CPE-LL CPE Games I CGC TDI ‘Krystal’.

Golden Retriever - Ace

CGC 2012, TDI  2012, RN 2012, RL1 2013, BN 2013, NAJ 2013, NA 2013, RA 2013, RL2 2014, RE 2014, OAJ 2014, OA 2014, RXL1 2015, CD 2016

Shetland Sheepdog - Bonny Girl

CGC 2010, TDI 2010, RN 2010, BN 2011, RA 2012, TBAD 2011, TIAD 2012, TG-1 2012, TG-2 2012, TSAD 2012, RL1 2013, OAJ 2013, RL1X 2014, OA 2014, RL1X 2014, NJP 2015, NAP 2015, RL2 2015,RTI 2015,  RTN 2016, ARCH 2016

Shetland Sheepdog - Heidi

CGC 2007, TDI 2007, RN 2008, NAJ 2008, RA 2009, RE 2009, CD 2009, NA 2009, OA 2009, OAJ 2009, AX 2009, AXJ 2009, MX 2011, NF 2011, BN 2011, TBAD 2011, TIAD 2012, TG-1 2012, TSAD 2012, TG-2 2012, TG-3 2012, RL1 2013, NAP 2013, NJP 2013,OAP 2013, OJP 2013, AXP 2013, RL2 2014, RAE 2014, TACH 2104, ARCH 2015

Golden Retriever - Missy

Golden Retriever (Missy)- RN 2007, CGC 2007, TDI 2007, RA 2007, RE 2007, CD 2007, NJP 2008, NAP 2008, OJP 2008, OAP 2009, AJP 2009, RAE 2009, AXP 2009, CDX 2009, MJP 2011, MXP 2011, NF 2011, GO 2011, MXP2 2012, MJP2 2012, UD 2012, MXPB 2012, RL1 2013, TBAD 2013, TG-1 2013, MXP3 2013, MJPB 2013, MXP4 2013, RL2 2013,TIAD 2013, TG-2 2013, TSAD 2013, TG-3 2013, MJP3 2014, PAX 2014, RL1X 2014, ARCH 2014, MXP5 2014, MXPS 2014, MJP4 2015, MXP6 2015, TAM 2105, PACH 2015, RAE-2 2015, TMAG 201, TACH 2015, RTI 2015, RTN 2015, RTO 2016, OFP 2016, ARCH X 2016, RL2X 2015, RL3X 2016,

​UDX 2016

Class Descriptions

Puppy Class
Prerequisites: Dogs need to be 12 weeks to 6 months old and must have current shots.
Description: The goal of the puppy class is to help you and your new puppy get to know each other and to introduce basic obedience concepts to the puppy. A major part of this class is socialization with other people and other dogs. This is done in a class setting where concepts of attention and walking on a leash are introduced. AKC Star Puppy test is available at the end of this class.
​Puppy Plus/Manners
Prerequisites: Dogs should have completed a puppy class or have equivalent skills. For small-breed dogs up to 18 months-old, and large-breeds up to 12 months-old with Instructors approval.
Description:This class is designed for further socialization of young dogs. Basic skills of heeling, recalls, sits, downs, and stays will be reinforced. Manners for a having a well-rounded family pet will be a focus of this class. Class will be fun and motivational with games and attention work, to build a solid relationship with your young dog.
Foundations of Obedience I Class
Prerequisites: Dogs should have completed a puppy class or have equivalent skills.
Description: This class will teach the foundation skills for having a well-rounded family pet, and competitive obedience. Attention, heeling, sits and downs, sit/wait with attention, stand for exam, recall games, and stays will be covered. Class will be fun and motivational with games and attention work to build a solid relationship with your dog. This class is also useful for dogs starting in agility.
​Foundations of Obedience II Class
Prerequisites:Dogs should have completed the Foundations of Obedience I, or have equivalent skills.
Description:This class is designed around families that wish to add to the skills their dogs have acquired through the Foundations of Obedience I, and want to continue to strengthen the training their dog has already received. Behaviors such as stay, coming when called, walking on-leash & off-leash, are practiced with distractions using creative, fun games and exercises. Teaching your dog to focus on you as the environment gets busy is essential to a happy life with your dog. This class provides excellent preparation for trainers interested in dog sports: agility, competition obedience, and rally obedience. The AKC Canine Good Citizen Exam will be available after this class.
Confidence 101...Just Plain Fun
Prerequisites: Dogs should have completed the Foundations of Obedience I & II, or have equivalent skills.
Description: Confidence 101 is for those who want a more well-rounded family pet and for those considering both advanced training, and competition. The course is designed to develop your dog’s confidence both at home, and in social settings. Practice and refine the skills learned in Foundations of Obedience I & II, while applying them to games in a social setting, with other dogs and owners. Each one-hour session is filled with games, challenges, obstacles, and fun!
​Advanced Obedience/CD/Rally
Prerequisites: Dogs should have completed the Foundations of Obedience I & II, or have equivalent skills.
Description: Traditional CD/Rally class for those wanting to compete and earn their CD and/or Rally title. 

​​I am a certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, AKC Star Puppy Evaluator, and Therapy Dog International Evaluator. I am also a certified member of the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI). 

I am a member of Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club, Greater Pittsburgh Golden Retriever Club,Three Rivers Shetland Sheepdog Club, and Loyalhanna Agility Club. 

I have been training dogs for 30 years, competing for 20 plus years, and teaching various dog obedience classes for over 12 years.

Linda Bowman and Boogie

​Photo by Tribecca Treasures


First Row; Linda Moore and Pat Kelm
​Second Row; Linda and Chuck Bowman
Missing from photo - Kathy Garvin, Joanne Matthews, and Connie McCreery

L and L Dog Training

Owner - Linda Bowman

Training Philosophy 
Every dog should have the opportunity to learn basic obedience with their person. A dog given ample opportunity to learn obedience gains confidence, patience, and self-control, and has the tools needed to be a life-long family member.