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Kathi Filar Scherf 724-244-8548

Kathi has been a successful dog trainer for 15 years in Westmoreland County, PA. She has taught general and competitive obedience and all levels of agility. Kathi truly loves teaching and seeing her students succeed with their own dogs.

​Kathi started out with her black Lab, Jake, in obedience (CDX) and agility(AX,AXJ). She learned that very active dogs need outlets for their energy and their mind. She also learned ways to motivate "softer" dogs like her Bailey (Lab) & Tucker (Aussie).

​Her current partner is her red-merle Australian Shepherd, Risk. They compete in three different agility venues AKC, USDAA and ASCA. In 2010 Kathi achieved her goal and greatest accomplishment (so far) by obtaining a championship in each of these venues. They attended the AKC Nationals for the first time, April 2 & 3, 2011, in Virginia and will be attending the ASCA Agility Finals & Nationals in Wisconsin in September 2011.

​Three years ago Dodge, a Border Collie, joined the household, giving Kathi a third breed with a very different temperament to apply her training techniques to.

​Kathi's classes will emphasize the following skills and techniques:
1) Positive behavior shaping techniques using a variety of rewards (food, toys, play)
2) Impulse control techniques that can be used in obedience, agility and house manners
3) A solid background in the Awesome Paws motion-based method of agility handling,as refined and taught by world
team member Donna Rohaus
4) A focus on distance handling and control for high-drive dogs, along with confidence building techniques for softer
​ dogs
5) Clear verbal commands and independent agility obstacle performance designed for handlers with physical limitations
6) Adaption of all teaching techniques to the specific temperament of the dog and the athletic skills of the handler.

​As an instructor, Kathi encourages her students to believe in themselves and their dogs, push themselves in their training and try things they normally would not do. A number of friends and students have developed better distance handling from Kathi's instruction.

​Classes will be offered for Puppy and Basic Obedience, Manners, Trick, Agility Handling, Distance and Impluse Control.