Come play Traditional Hunt or other Games: Maze Craze, Chutes and Ladder, Haystack, Here There and Everywhere, and Four Corners.

You decide on your dog's target. Choose from hot dogs, anise oil scent, or a live rat. The target will be hidden in a ring among multiple straw bales. Your dog must find the target within a limited time.

New Venue - Hide 'N Seek 

Hide n' Seek Games

Maze Craze - A game of skill for both the handler and canine partner. The  handler must follow the maze, the dog can choose whatever path gets him/her to the rat, food, or anise scent  the fastest.

Chutes and Ladder - The canine partner must go through a hay bale chute, climb a hay bale ladder, plus find rat, food, or anise scent  

Hay Stack - There will be multiple mini-haystacks located throughout the ring. You and your canine teammate must find the hot scent buried within one of the multiple haystacks.

 Here, There, and Everywhere - There is a random arrangement of hay bales located throughout the ring. Your canine partner must use their keen sense of smell to find the rat, food, or anise scent within the chaos of the hay bales.

 Four Corners - A game of skill for both the canine and handler. The canine must distinguish which tube or tubes at the four corners has the rat, food, or anise scent. Time will be very limited in this game.



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Develop your dog's natural ability to use their sense of smell, and build a greater bond with your canine partner.


The Hide 'N Seek Venue was founded by Darlene Schmucker, owner & operator of B & D Creekside Activity Center.