Training with Donna Rohaus

22 Time National Finalist - 2004 IFCS World Team Member
Multiple ADCHs, multiple USDAA Platinum Lifetime Achievement Awards, multiple MACHs, multiple USDAA Top Ten Achievements

​Since 1998, Donna Rohaus has been a successful USDAA and AKC competitor and professional agility trainer.  She currently teaches group classes, about 15 a week, and individual lessons in Latrobe and in the Pittsburgh area, and teaches seminars in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

She is a student of the game of agility and more importantly a student of the science of dog training.  She continuously attends seminars and workshops to improve and enhance her skills.  All trainers should be involved in continuing education for the sport of agility, and more importantly, to provide their students with the best training for their investment of time and money

As she explains and demonstrates the foundations and fundamentals of agility to you, she also incorporates basic dog behavior training (impulse control, positive reinforcement techniques, interactive play to build trust and bonding).

Donna assists you in recognizing if your dog truly understands his "job" and how to positively reinforce the desired behavior.  Examples would be:  does your dog know his job at the end of a contact or do you always have to "remind" him with your command or position?; does you dog weave with independent confidence or do you have to "babysit" and help him through?

If you want to want to have fun with your dog while learning new skills whether for play or competition, why not train with the best?

Donna specializes in teaching:
* how to play with your dog! And make agility exciting to your dog!
* handling fundamentals
* thorough sequence analysis
*solid obstacle performance
*emphasizes the basics of agility handling including how to execute a particular cross, how to use handler motion as a cue, and how to establish the proper foundation needed to successfully move on to advanced skills.

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Some fun videos of Donna and her dogs!
Norm USDAA 2015 Nationals - compilation

Norm USDAA 2015 22” Steeplechase finals – exciting! 

Keegan USDAA 2010 22” Grand Prix finals, 5th place!

Mick AKC 2009 Nationals 20” 7th place

More fun videos

Donna's Youtube channel

Donna Rohaus - Agility CAPabilities

Donna is one of the most successful agility competitor and trainer in the area.  She is a national and international competitor, consistently placing in national events.  Although she has been successful with her six dogs, it is the success of her students that is proof of her successful teaching.

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