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Many agility trials from various venues are coming to B & D!

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Please contact individual instructors by e-mail found on instructors’ pages.

Upcoming Events- click here for descriptions of

Agility Run-thrus
Darlene is accepting new students! Darlene will be offering two agility classes on Wednesdays; regular agility from 7- 8pm, and beginners from 8-9pm. In addition she is offering Teacup Agility Classes
Linda Bowman’s (L and L Dog training) April and May Class Schedule
Jan Mayr’s agility classes
CPE Games Workshop , May 11th with Dave Almasy

The sports arena area is 150’ by 250‘ with field turf for the flooring.  This is the same turf the professional football teams use in their stadiums.  The arena is dedicated to dog agility trials.  There are dog obedience and dog agility classes held by various instructors during the week.  Our goal is to hold agility trials from the different venues.  The arena area is large enough for two rings of 100’ by 100’ with a 10’ aisle between.

The property is a level area with about 18 acres to walk dogs.  The Loyalhanna Creek surrounds the back side of the property.  We will have parking for approximately 200 with room to expand, and electric hookups for campers.

Wi-Fi available!

Other sports activity or events will be considered.

Own and operated by Darlene Schmucker.

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